Modeling Exotic Beam Production with Fragment Separators

L I S E ++

LISE++ v.9.7:   official version  11/01/2013

LISE++ v.9.5:   official version  03/07/2013

LISE++ v.8.0:   Fragment production in material;
                           Monte Carlo calculation of fragment transmission
LISE++ v.7.9:   Fusion-Fission
LISE++ v.7.5:   Abrasion-Fission
LISE++ v.7.1:   Coulomb Fission
LISE++  v.6.0:   Allows to design own spectrometer with infinite number of optical blocks, materials and wedges


How to install the LISE code?


LISE++_9_6_*_beta.exe - self-extracting installation file. This is the best solution if you have privileges to install software on your PC. Dynamical libraries will be copied in Windows\system. Setup program will make all settings for next successful work with the LISE++ code. You can keep the file "lise.xls" in any directory to work with it. LISE-folder and icons will be created.

LISE++_9_5_*.exe - self-extracting installation file like LISE++_9_6.exe. Official version for NSCL experiments.

open_version_LISE++_9_*_*.zip - "open" version of the code for users without administrative privileges. No installation program. You have to create yourself the directory LISE and copy contents of this file in this directory. No LISE folder in the START menu. If You use Internet Explorer to download the code from ftp-server please apply the option "SAVE to Your computer" instead "Open file".