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1. LISE web sites

The LISE home site in Dubna (http://http:"// has been updated in connection with the numerous remarks concerning slow down loading of this site due to the use of bulky Java-applets (at least for Windows NT and Windows2000). The new site is made without frames and is adapted under the monitor with the resolution 800x600. Users can obtain detailed information about the program, and also load the new version in a new site.

The new home page ( was created in East Lansing (UNIX server 433 MHz Alpha with 700 MB of RAM). The given page is completely mirror to the Dubna LISE site.

The Dubna LISE site is run on a PC-based server (Pentium 200 MHz, 32 MB, OS Windows 98), that is much slower than the NSCL server.


The new version 5.0 of the program was dated to June 6 on Internet. However documentation on previous versions (4.17-4.20) will be sent to registered users in a near future.

4.17 - Relativistic Kinematics Calculator

4.18 - Evaporation Calculator and Abration-Ablation model

4.19 - New Utilities and Correction of bugs

4.20 - Program ATIMA. Calculations of energy losses and stragglings in materials.


2. Installation

Users can access the ftp servers through the program LISE home pages in order to download the program:

East-Lansing, USA

Dubna, Russia


Try to connect from your web browser. If this method does not work, it is recommended to use an FTP tool such as WS_FTP (available from

Users who are connected to the local networks of JINR and NSCL can download the program at the following addresses:

East-Lansing, USA

Nscl_user -> \\ Cycpc85

Dubna, Russia

FLNR -> \\ Tarasov586

2.1. LISE installation for Windows NT or Windows 2000 without administrator privileges 

During normal installation the setup program needs access to a temporary directory, and also has to be able to write in the table registers. However, to write in the table registers in systems Windows NT and Windows 2000 the user has to have the appropriate privileges, otherwise he will get an error during installation.

To be able to install the program without administrator privilegies, the user can copy an already “open” (unpacked) version. That version is located at the following address:

The user should simply copy the contents of this directory on his computer, and directly run the program LISE.EXE.

2.2. Getting things in order in the LISE directory and LISE menu

Each new version of the program had its own setup program, and was installed on top of the old version. With the new versions some new files have appeared, and some have disappeared or were renamed. As a result:

1.  In the CONFIG directory both old and new configuration files with different names are present for the same fragment separators;

2.  For each new version a WORD file to describe the modifications was added. In the new version the description is in the file LISE.DOC, although the old files still are there.

3.  In the program LISE menu (Start Menu - > Programs - > LISE) there should be only three shortcuts:

·        LISE.exe (executive file)

·        LISE.doc (WORD file)

·        LISE web site (html reference)

In the former versions a shortcut was created for each WORD file describing the modification. In addition these files were renamed for each different versions. As a result many unnecessary references have appeared.

We ask the users to do the following three operations BEFORE INSTALLATION of the NEW VERSION:

1.   remove all files and subdirectories in the CONFIG directory (standard path is c:\program files\lise\config)

2.   remove all files and subdirectories in the  DOC directory (standard path is c:\program files\lise\doc)

3.   remove all files and subdirectories the following directory: < WINDOWS DIRECTORY > \All users\profiles\Start menu\programs\LISE (or same) to remove shortcut icons.