PACE4 has been ported from Borland to Qt within the LISE++ framework [1]. The code PACE [2] is a modified version of JULIAN-the Hillman-Eyal evaporation code using a Monte-Carlo code coupling angular momentum.

The version of PACE4 now distributed in the Utilities Package uses an updated mass table from 2013. Previous versions of PACE4 used a mass table from 2003.

[2] A.Gavron, Phys.Rev. C21 (1980) 230-236;

PACE4 In Action

A look at the first screen of the program. Inputs here affect what input information you will provide in later screens.

PACE4 Screenshot

The results screen.

PACE4 results screenshot

The particles output, if the "create output file" option is chosen from the "Particle Analysis" box.

PACE4 results screenshot



Getting Started

PACE guides you through your fusion evaporation calculations using the Next and Back buttons. Execute can be chosen at any time to run the calculation with default values for any fields that you have not chosen. The INPUT choice determines the information you will input on the following screen. For example, choosing INPUT = 1 allows you to input the projectile and target nuclei information, as seen below. INPUT values 2 through 5 are for compound nucleus input information as opposed to projectile and target nuclei.

PACE INPUT=1 screenshot

Intermediate Topics

Coming Soon!