D. Bazin physics & ion optics consulting, benchmarks, adaptation to macOS​
M. Hausmann physics & ion optics consulting, benchmarks​
M. Kuchera source porting, development of porting process base​
P. Ostroumov supervision, funding acquisition​
M. Portillo physics & ion optics consulting, benchmarks
B. Sherrill supervision, funding acquisition​
O.B. Tarasov leading porting process worker​
K.V. Tarasova source porting, benchmarks​
T. Zhang process administration, IT consulting, adaptation to Linux​

S. Watters PHY/MSU
  • ARIS extended configuration and calibration files
  • LISE optical utilities benchmarks

  • D. Kaloyanov PHY/MSU
  • LISE color palette (completed)
  • Migration of the LISE databases from DBF to MDB (in process)

  • A.O. Tarasova CSE/MSU
  • Adaptation of the LISE "new version" utility to SSL connection (completed)
  • LISE: efficiency & optimization (profiler, memory check) (in process)

  • A. Elkin CSE/MSU
  • LISE site statistics analysis (not completed)