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LISE++ for MS Excel
Evaporation code PACE4
Raytrace code MOTER

Implemented codes

    «PACE4» (fusion-evaporation code),

    «GEMINI++ GUI» (statistical decay code)

    «MOTER» (raytracing-type program for magnetic optic system design),

    «ETACHA4» (charge-state distribution code)

    «Global» (charge-state distribution code)

    «Charge» (charge-state distribution code)

    "«Spectroscopic Calculator" (of J.Kantele»)

LISE++ calculators

     «Physical Calculator»

     «Relativistic Kinematics Calculator»

     «Evaporation Calculator»

     «Abrasion-Ablation calculator and minimizer»

     «Radiation Residue Calculator»

     «Ion Mass calculator"

     «Matrix calculator"

     «PID resolution calculator"
(see "LISE for Excel")

Built-in powerful tools

    LISE for Excel

    Stripper Foil Lifetime Utility

    Brho Analyzer

    Twinsol (solenoid) utility

    Units Converter

    ISOL Catcher

    Decay Analysis
(includes Proton, Alpha, Cluster, Sp.Fission half-lives calculation)

    Reaction Utilities (Characteristics, Converters, Plots)

    «BI» - the automatized search of two-dimensional peaks in spectra

Built-in Databases

    Nuclide database with plot utilities

    Isomeric State database

    Large Set of Calculated Mass Tables
(includes FRIB mass tables)

    Ionization Energy database
(used with the Ion Mass calculator)

    Decay Branching Ratio database
(used with the Radiation Residue calculator)

    Isotope Discovery database
(used with the Radiation Residue calculator)