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The LISE++cute   package operating on Windows, macOS, Linux environment
is a freeware software product with the LISE++ user license.

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the LISE++package
to the Qt-framework
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in the NSCL Greensheet
GEMINI++ code
ETACHA4 code porting,
updates, graphs
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Click to get PDF-file 3-D Monte Carlo
transmission envelopes
Abrasion-Ablation model
minimization update
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LIST of LISE-files
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to ion optics
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LISE++ package
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publisher" message
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versions 15.*
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ARIS configurations



East Lansing

How to download LISE++cute

As with LISE++ is distributed freely and is accessible through the web-server in East Lansing (http://lise.nscl.msu.edu/download/).

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Using LISE files created by v.16 with the previous LISE++ (v.13) version LISE++ (v.13) does not support ATIMA 1.4. Please check the energy loss settings in the version 13 before starting the transmission calculations with the file created by v.15 or higher
Installation on Windows It's recommended to use Firefox or Chrome browsers to install the package
Installation on macOS if you got problems to start LISEcute++ v.16 after re-installation over previous LISEcute++ v.15, then please try to wipe out the "LISEcute" folder in Documents and do the installation again